May 2016
Our tannery

Our tannery

at the fur factory - by AandA Vesa

The leather processing starts with salting, after plucking the lamb. Sprinkle salt on the leather, to remain fresh. Fresh leather can be kept in a refrigerating room for a longer period of time. The steps of the process of tanning and leather-tanning are soaking, washing, degreasing, removing impurities and grease off the leather surface. Tanned skins enter into a manufactoring process: stretching, trimming, ironing, finishing,


March 2016
leather jacket

  Considered to be an essential piece of clothing in the wardrobe, the leather jacket was, and is, the perfect choice for those who love to be in tune with the latest trends in the fashion industry, and also for those who just want to obtain a casual, go-to outfit in less than 5 minutes. The jackets created by our very talented designer team represent


August 2015
NEW PRODUCTS! We launched our 2015-2016 fur clothes collection

Year by year, at the start of the cold season, A&A Vesa is keeping up with the trends and adds in its collection the highest quality products. Just like in previous years, our designers took into account a number of definitive elements for the launch of the 2015-2016 fur clothes collection. Along with the quality of the materials and the warmth that a fur coat


August 2014
A little history of fur clothing

Some of us view fur coats, fur gilets or fur hats as luxurious and warm, however others reject it due to moral beliefs. Fur is thought to have been among the first materials to be used as clothing or for body decoration. The date when fur was used for the first time for clothing purposes is still debated. When inexpensive synthetic textiles for insulating clothing


Tips on how to choose a natural fur coat

First of all, you will have to consider how often you will wear your natural fur coat. The more durable furs come from: lamb, mink, beaver and raccoon and the less durable ones come from rabbit and chincilla. If you would like to achieve a more slim look, sheared beaver and mink and other short haired furs achieve that slim look better. Deciding if you


July 2014
How to choose a high-quality fur coat

Here you will find some tips on how to choose a quality natural fur coat, fur vest or fur hat that will best suit your needs : Always check the tag for the origin of the fur and for the manufacturing location The highest quality coats often come from Europe and North America. Most furs come from China, however, you may also find a quality


June 2014
Types of fur used to manufacture clothing

Different types of natural fur are used in manufacturing clothing, like fur coats and fur vests, and other accessories, like fur hats. Here are some examples… Beaver: The beaver fur is used in making muffs, stoles, collars, trimmings, and felt for hats. Example Fisher: Fisher fur varies from grayish brown to nearly black. It is mainly used for muffs, neck and shoulder pieces . Example 


Natural fur coats, now, in our A&A Vesa store in Mamaia

It’s summer season and our store in Mamaia Resort, on the Black Sea coast, has opened its gates. We are waiting there for you with high quality fur coats, fur vests, fur hats and a few more interesting products. Our store, situated in the Casino Zone, remains open during the whole summer season, every day, between 10:00 – 24:00.


May 2014
Learn to differentiate natural fur from faux fur

Spotting fake fur becomes harder nowadays since there are new methodes and chemicals used for faux fur to look and feel as close as possible to real fur. First thing in knowing if an product is made out of real fur or not is looking at the price tag, usually articles made out of real fur are more expensive than the normal faux fur articles.


February 2014,  a new website for our clients all around the world!

Hey folks, A&A Vesa is a very well known european fur factory, based in Buteni, Romania. With over 20 years of experience, our factory gained fame for its high quality products, elegant, refined or casual fur coats both for women and men, sheepskin slipppers, fur gloves and hats, but also fur gilets and collars. Since many clients and companies outside our country were interested in



February 2014

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