About us

Who We Are

A&A Vesa was founded in 1994 as a company, offering and gradually completing a high fashion line of fur coats and vests, sheepskin coats and jackets, shearling coats and jackets, decorations and accessories, indulging thousands of costumers both in Romania and abroad. The factory has its own tannery with a capacity of 500 skins per day, which means we can produce 300 clothes per month.

Despite the fact that fur coats tend to be perceived as pretentious, we have been able to combine utility and elegance to create casual clothing items, which are very stylish at the same time.

Our designers and professional, very talented team with many years of experience, create fur clothes with an unique design, characterized by elegance, refinement and good taste.

Our product range is wide, having plenty of articles: coats, jackets, vests, neckwear, gloves, house slippers, collars, hats, capes, all these being made of 100% natural fur: leather with merino lamb fur, polar fox fur, red fox fur or raccoon fur.

Our fur products are made from real fur purchased from Romania and the European Union. Very important! We do not use fur from endangered species!

A&A Vesa articles are recognized for their sophistication, authenticity and exquisite elegance beyond the cyclical seasons, being made with great craftsmanship and passion. All of our products can be admired in our stores in Arad, Bucharest, Constanta, Galati, and Mamaia, and for your convenience, you can shop from our online store. Also, you can find us in Arad County on DN793 at the A&A Vesa fur factory where all our products are made.