May 2014
Learn to differentiate natural fur from faux fur

Spotting fake fur becomes harder nowadays since there are new methodes and chemicals used for faux fur to look and feel as close as possible to real fur. First thing in knowing if an product is made out of real fur or not is looking at the price tag, usually articles made out of real fur are more expensive than the normal faux fur articles.


February 2014,  a new website for our clients all around the world!

Hey folks, A&A Vesa is a very well known european fur factory, based in Buteni, Romania. With over 20 years of experience, our factory gained fame for its high quality products, elegant, refined or casual fur coats both for women and men, sheepskin slipppers, fur gloves and hats, but also fur gilets and collars. Since many clients and companies outside our country were interested in



February 2014

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