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fur clothing from A&A Vesa


Apr 2017

How to wear fur clothing like a diva

Fur clothing has become the new celebrity statement accessory, but beyond that all the fashionistas in the world has adopted it. In approaching this piece of clothing every woman finds satisfaction because fur coats have become a versatile piece, suitable for any daily outfit. Here, at A&A Vesa store we know what you like and we launch every season new trendy fur items for your…

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white Fur hat


Apr 2017

Fur hats for understated elegance

Since you were little you’ve been told that when you go outside in the winter, you should wear warm fur hats. This mean that you had to put a bulky coat, a pair of gloves, tick boots and a big cap over your head, obviously. This was at the time when your parents dressed you or when you hadn’t an opinion of your own. But…

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spring outfits from fur


Mar 2017

Early spring outfits with the touch of a fur coat

Even the spring is here, we feel it winter much, so some warm spring outfits are welcome. Because it’s still chilly and the sun has not appeared in full glow, we are forced to wear some warm clothing item and the fur coats are among them. No problem! At A&A Vesa’ store there are many wonderful fur coats and leather jackets that can save our…

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